Giving is the greatest joy in the life!!

Posted On : 2018-04-21 13:16:23
Giving is the greatest joy in the life!!

I finished my shopping for the special occasion. It was her birthday. Finally, I reached to the cake shop, to buy a  birthday cake. It was a great challenge for me to choose the best cake for her as birthday comes every year and celebration should be extraordinary to her the usual cutting of the cake.

I stopped for a while and wondering what new I am going to do this year for my beloved.

I saw a small girl walking towards me selling bouquet. Her innocent smile was so beautiful than the flowers. So, I walked towards her and went to the slum where she lived. My heart filled with compassion when I saw her family and the people living there.
This was a great idea! Yes!  I assembled few slum children. Bought new clothes for them. With the help of them of my friend arrange birthday celebration in that slum. When everything was ready, I went home tied my wife’s eye with a ribbon and took her to the slum.when I opened her eyes, children and my friend started singing the birthday song, holding a red rose in their hand for her. She cut the cake arranged on the table.
I offered her to the toys to the children. Tear of joy rolled down her cheek, looking at the innocent children enjoying the cake and playing with toys.
This birthday celebration was a  great surprise for my wife

Giving is the greatest joy in the life !!

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